Nature is the carrier of life, home is the container of it, and art pours oxygen into it and vivify our everyday of it. An strong addiction to electrical devices is spreading worldwide, and without our awareness of it, we are already a part of it. Its symptom is that all spare time of the patient would be completely consumed by a compulsory headlowering posture. The original diversity that how people express their emotions has been rapidly transformed into a directed singularity by which the ways of interacting and living happen to be changing so fast. From the yard in our childhood to the apartment on high buildings, and from being a part of nature to a separation from nature, the high pace of life has pushed our mental and physical state into a sub-health state, and dumped our sensation, especially the capacity to access nature and happiness. How our heart and body should adjust to keep in pace with the way we live, and what environmental design can ameliorate our symptoms of smartphone addiction and soothe the interaction crisis between individuals, for people who focus on spatial design, these are the core questions worthy of research and contemplation.


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